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Hapax means the instant’s instantaneousness. From a more academic edge, or as defined 

by the old Aurelio dictionary, “the single vocable of an extinct language used in Greek 

under an abbreviated form, hapax lego menon, something that has only been said once.”  


 The group started over in 2001 in Rio’s swinging Lapa quarter, setting intriguing sound 

system-like performances plugging into public lights electricity outlets, literally 

electrifying the public with a brash innovating sound that was to conquer new audiences 

on the same corner, becoming a Friday night must see and hear live-act for several 

months. People passing in the streets were spell-bound, eyes (and ears) wide a gap by the 

jump –around feeling, the it’s now or never atmosphere, down-right (or left) 

counterculture on the mainline. The work at this time was done drumming on junkyard 

metal, industrial scrap, spare car parts, as the off-the-bat electronic programming, 

samples taken live, ready-mades, and loops fill the background, a factory of constructing 

and reconstructing sound takes place.  


Today Hapax is composed by artists Daniel Castanheira, Ericson Pires and Ricardo Cutz. 

With training and careers in several areas – poetry, Music, theatre, film and visual arts – 

the group is defined as a Collective of art. Use as a tool in their work a broad mosaic 

Technological, tensionando hitech and lowtech: samplers, sensors, Sintetisadores, 

electronic batteries, radios uhf, and virtually all nny electro-electronic device capable of 

producing sound, is part of repertoire triggered by the group.  


During those five years, the collective participated in multiple events and actions of 

which we can highlight:   

-Performance at “Arte.Mov Mobile art international Festival”, curated by Lucas 

Bambozzi, Marcos Boffa and Rodrigo Minelli, (BH/2007); 

-Sound Sculputre at the exhibition “Abre-Alas 2006” of the gallery Gentil Carioca, 

curated by Ernesto Neto  (RJ/2006);  

-Performance at the opening of the cultural center of the Bank Caixa Economica Federal 


-Instalation/performance Exhibition “Virtual Bodies: art and technology” At the Cultural 

Center OiFuturo curated by Ivana Bentes (RJ/2005); 

-First interactive satellite Performance in Brazil in partnership with the video artist Eder 

Santos, in the event Nokia Trends curated by Lucas Bambozzi (SP/RJ/2005);  

-Performances at Festival Rio Contemporary Scene (RJ/2003/2005); 

Live Soundtrack at the The Fenícias theatrical spectacle in the theatre workshop 


-Performance at the Panorama Contemporary Art of MAM (RJ/SP/BA/2001/2002).  


Moreover, the group performed at various houses of concerts, parties and festivias of 

music as Brasilia Music Festival (DF/2004), Motomix (RJ/2004), Forum World Social 

(RS/2003), RecBeat (PE/2002), CEP20000 (RJ / 2001 to 2005), House of Boilers 

(SP/2004), Studio SP (SP/2005), Circo Voador (RJ/2004/2005) and theatre Rival 

(RJ/2005), and the disc Released “What  

is happening” (2005by the label Mundo Perfeito)